As a physician, you know that the best medical advice combines thorough research with specialized training and an uncompromising commitment to act in the best interests of your patients. Hippocratic Financial Advisors was founded to provide a comprehensive suite of physician financial services that embody these same principals.

Our firm applies an analytical, academically-rigorous approach to creating and implementing individually-tailored financial and insurance planning solutions for physicians. We are completely independent, with none of the in-house products or Wall Street affiliations that have so profoundly compromised the “one-size-fits-all” financial advice generally available to physicians today. We have over 15 years of experience helping physicians and dentists meet their financial needs and are deeply familiar with the issues that they face at each stage of their careers, from training through retirement.

When you work with Hippocratic Financial Advisors, you will experience the benefits of having a team of highly trained and specialized financial professionals that are 100% in your corner, committed to helping you grow and protect your financial health & well being. Your professional principles, applied to your own financial health through a scientific framework for managing not only your financial opportunities, but also the risks that you may encounter during your professional career.

We are physician and dentist specialized. Independent. Dedicated to serving your best interests. In a word, Hippocratic.

Physicians in Training

While you’re focused on your education, it’s our job to help you manage your financial future. We lay the groundwork so you can expediently pay off your student loans, create a cash reserve, and begin saving for future goals such as your children’s education, purchasing a home and lifestyle amenities, and ultimately, arranging for a secure retirement. We also help you protect your family, career and assets with prudent risk management and insurance planning.

Since the decisions you make now will have enduring implications for your long-term financial health, we will personally develop an integrated strategy to address the spectrum of needs you will encounter throughout your professional life and beyond. For us, an individually tailored strategy that is grounded in both academic rigor and extensive experience is essential to getting you the best results. We believe that by investing in you at the beginning of your professional life, we can be a partner in helping you build a strong career and healthy financial life throughout your training, practice, and retirement.

Transitioning to Practice

Moving from training to practice is one of the most important junctures in your financial life. You need to make a series of complex decisions beyond where you will work– from devising a plan to repay your student loans and determining your ideal career path, to negotiating employment contracts, purchasing disability insurance, and designing a durable, tax-smart financial plan that integrates your personal and professional goals. We will help you come up with a commonsense approach for how to allocate your increased income to best reach those goals, whether you are looking to buy a home, start a college savings fund for your children, save for retirement, treat yourself to a congratulatory splurge or all of the above.

For all of this big picture strategizing, you need someone who has your best interests at heart. That’s why we pride ourselves in offering independent financial advice that’s designed to benefit you – not Wall Street.

Practicing Physicians & Dentists

We know that your days are booked from before sunup until after sunset. You’re focused on what’s really important – growing your practice, spending time with loved ones and maintaining your own health. We can help you take care of the rest. From diversified tax strategizing and building education accounts for your children to retirement and estate planning, we can help you manage not only the opportunities, but also the risks you may encounter.

Using our proprietary Wealth MD Process™, we will create a customized plan that integrates all of your financial affairs. Whether you are accumulating wealth for a specific goal, seeking ways to make smart use of your money through your practice or during retirement, or wish to provide long-term security for your family – our comprehensive planning process and prescriptive tools deliver on our commitment to help you stay on track and accomplish your financial goals. Monitoring your comprehensive financial life and progress towards your goals is easy and secure in our client portal. So you can spend more time on the things that matter most to you.

Educational Services

We know that the work physicians do is demanding, the hours are long and their bandwidth is stretched to the limit. The vast majority of physicians don’t have the time or energy to obtain the financial literacy needed to effectively navigate their increasingly complex financial lives. That’s where we come in.

Our accredited financial professionals deliver on-site financial literacy lectures at training hospitals, medical and dental schools, private practices, and annual retreats across the country. Speakers include Certified Public Accountants, practice consultants, and Certified Financial Planners™. All speakers have lectured and worked extensively with physicians and are able to directly address the specific financial issues facing today’s practicing and in-training physicians.

Curriculum, conference, and event organizers may choose among a variety financial topics including debt management, taxation, contract negotiation, insurance, and retirement planning. Program lengths vary from as little as 15 minutes to one hour.

There is an abundance of broad information available on these topics, but physicians and dentists need access to knowledge that has been specifically curated for them. Our lectures have been refined to not only deliver this information, but to do so in a concise, readily understandable, and actionable way.